we welcome you with

1. Variety of traditional Naxos cheese

2. Gruyere from Naxos

3. Handmade spicy cream cheese

4. Handmade tzatziki

5. Pea puree with fresh onion and caper

6. Marinated Anchovy

7. Octopus in vinegar

8. Crab salad

9. Beets with garlic cream

Starting the journey

  1. Traditional Greek Salad

    Tomato, cucumber, green pepper, rocket, olives, onion, feta cheese or sour cream cheese
  2. Dakos from Crete

    Round barley rusk with olive oil, fresh tomato finely chopped and sour cream cheese
  3. Mixed Salad

    Lettuce, carrot, cabbage
  4. «AKTI» Salad

    Fresh marinated salmon, with kinoa and fresh mixed vegetables
  5. Water mellow salad «The cool one»

    Fresh marinated salmon, with kinoa and fresh mixed vegetables
  6. Season mountain greens

as we go along

  1. Yellow cheese croquettes

  2. Zucchini fried balls

  3. Tomato fried balls

  4. Handmade pie of the day

  5. Portobello Mushrooms

    Fresh marinated salmon, with kinoa and fresh mixed vegetables
  6. Potato nest with fried eggs

  7. Fried feta cheese with sesame and honey

  8. Fresh fried potatoes from Naxos

  9. Fried Gruyere from Naxos

Relishes from the sea

1. Salatouri from Naxos

2. Salmon Carpaccio

3. Prawns with tomatoes and feta cheese

4. Muscles with tomatoes and feta cheese

5. Crunchy Fried Muscles

6. Steamed muscles

7. Fried shrimps

8. Very small fried shrimps

9. Small fried squids

10. Codfish bites with garlic cream

11. Fried smelt

12. Fried fry

13. Small fried red mullets (portion)

14. Stuffed sardines in the frying-pan

the sea on the grill

  1. Octopus

  2. Sardines

  3. Prawns

  4. Seabass Fish (portion)

  5. Seabream Fish (portion)

  6. Squib

  7. Squib stuffed with Gruyere, feta cheese, tomato and green pepper

  8. and what ever the boat brinks ...

and a bit of meat

1. Home made sausage

2. Hamburger from fresh beef

3. Pork chops

4. Skewered chicken

5. Hamburger stuffed with variety of cheese and fresh tomato

6. Veal-steak

7. Pork bites in the frying-pan

8. Pork schnitzel

Pasta & Rizoto

1. Barley-shaped pasta with shrimps

2. Linguine with shrimps

3. Rice with sea food

4. Rice with muscles

5. Papardelle with bacon, mushrooms and fresh cream

for children

  1. Penne rigate with butter or Napoliten

  2. Chicken Bites

  3. Traditional meat balls

  4. mini burger

sweet delicious moments

1. Broken Millefeuille (something different)

2. Handmade orange pie

3. Yogurt with jam

4. Kataifi with ice cream

5. Ice cream

Fresh hour

1. Homemade lemon juice

2. Fresh juice

Orange, Banana, Mixed

3. Milk Shake

Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry

4. Refreshments

COCA COLA (Light, Zero) SPRITE, Orange juice (carbonated or not), Lemon juice, Soda, Tonic Water,

5. Carbonated water

6. Bottle of water

Alcohol Drinks

  1. Beers

  2. Greek Ouzo

  3. Raki

  4. Unbottled Wines

  5. Bottled Wines

  6. Citron of Naxos

  7. Simple Alcohol Drink

  8. Special Alcohol Drink


  1. Coffee

    Greek Coffee, Frappe, Frappe with ice-cream, Espresso, Cappuccino, Fredoccino
  2. Cold chocolate

  3. Ice Tea

    Peach, Lemon

  5. Energy Drinks